The Recruitment Trends that will Dominate this Year


The world of work is in tremendous flux, and 2018 is going to bring more extraordinary change to the way companies attract, recruit and keep their employees.

The 8 Habits of Highly Successful Commercial Managers


 Commercial Managers wear many hats. Their responsibilities stretch across numerous facets of business, encompassing sales and marketing, financial management and contract negotiation. On top of that, they have to lead a team to get results!

Changes to National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage -April 2018


From 1st April 2018, the following changes will come into effect:-

How to Turnaround Your Underperforming Team

3 min Read

Underperformance is an issue most most managers or leaders will experience with thier teams at some point in their career.

LWR announce Key Appointment

Following a short career break, highly respected Leeds Based recruiter, Katie Earl has returned to the Lucy Walker Recruitment Head Office Team.

What Makes a Great Executive Assistant

As any busy executive will tell you; an excellent Executive Assistant is worth their weight in gold. But what makes a great Executive Assistant in today’s ever-changing business world? 

6 Easy Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional Intelligence is one of the most sought-after job skills, with over 70% of hiring managers acknowledging that they rate emotional intelligence over a high IQ when it comes to finding the right person for their team.  

7 Key Strategies to Building a Successful Employer Brand

In a difficult market with low unemployment rates, candidate and skills shortages and fierce competition, it's fair to say any competitive advantage you can give your organisation in the hunt for and retention of talent is key to your continuing[...]