6 (Easy) Ways Your Employer Branding Can Improve Your Recruiting Strategy.


Candidate Attraction - 7 Ways to get The Perfect Match...


It’s amazingly gratifying when a candidate you've introduced to your Client ‘click’, and to see the candidate go on to have a long and successful career with that Client. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, often because the[...]

5 Reasons Behavioural Testing Will Get You The Right Candidate

When you’re hiring a new candidate, you’re hiring to fill specific skills gaps in your organisation. But, unfortunately, that’s not all you’re doing. Every time you take on a new hire, you are inviting risk into your team: the risk that the[...]

Up Close & Personal.........with Yorkshire PA Of the Year, Claire Barrett

In our new series, 'Up Close and Personal', our first interviewee is Claire Barrett, the well respected Leeds based EA at Deloitte UK, who won the Prestigious Yorkshire PA of The Year Award in 2017.

Claire tells us about her career journey, her[...]

What Makes a Great Customer Service Advisor?

At Lucy Walker Recruitment, we’ve been sourcing and placing Customer Service Advisors for over 25 years. Which means we’ve seen a lot of excellent candidates…and some not so great.  

6 Things Wildly Successful People Do Every Single Day


4 Minute Read:

The most successful people in life recognise one crucial truth....That is, that time is the most precious commodity you have, and success is found through using the time you have effectively.


2018 Workplace Report Is Released


Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to announce the publication of their eagerly awaited 2018 Workplace Report after months of market research.

The Recruitment Trends that will Dominate this Year


The world of work is in tremendous flux, and 2018 is going to bring more extraordinary change to the way companies attract, recruit and keep their employees.