What Makes a Great HR Assistant...

HR is rapidly evolving and the skillset required to succeed within such operations are changing too. The role of HR covers a range of areas within an organisation such as; recruitment, training and development, performance and absence management,[...]

What Makes a Great Legal Secretary...

Our ‘What Makes a Great’ series highlights the key traits, skills and qualities required for some of our most placed roles within the commercial sector.

A Legal Secretary is one of the most important roles within a legal firm.

10 'Must Do's for a Winning CV

Despite the continuing advancements in technology, with the rising use of videos, behavioural testing and online platforms in recruitment, our experience tells us that most perspective employers are still happy looking at a CV as the gateway to[...]

5 Stand Out Words You Must Include on your CV.

With research showing that a prospective employer will spend on average only 7 seconds looking at the suitability of your CV for a vacancy, the need to make your CV stand out from the crowd is of paramount importance. One of the key ways to do this[...]

10 Power Verbs to Make your CV Standout from the Crowd

If you want to land interviews and get your CV past that initial stage, you really need to get plenty of verbs to describe the actions you take in the workplace to provide value to your colleagues and your customers. So including what we describe as[...]

How to Write a Stand-Out HR CV

We have an excellent guest post this week from our friends over at CV-Library, the award-winning Job Board, on the much researched topic of how to write a CV and more importantly how to write a CV fit for the HR space.

Spoiler Alert: Your CV Isn’t Fit For Purpose

You might think that because of the rise of the Web, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, that the humble CV is dead; outdated, thrown on the scrapheap for something new and different.

Apologies, I am about to be quite blunt... you’re wrong;[...]