To Temp or Not to Temp… Exploring the many benefits of temporary work!

We are experiencing an increase in organisations looking to recruit new employees on a temporary or term to perm basis, there is a huge demand for this type of recruitment currently!

Graduate meets Recruitment... Embarking on a new career!

Recently, we recruited Imogen, a Graduate who had no previous experience within recruitment. It has been brilliant to see her fit into the team dynamic with ease and quickly build her knowledge and understanding of the full 360 recruitment cycle.[...]

What Makes a Great Executive Assistant

As any busy executive will tell you; an excellent Executive Assistant is worth their weight in gold. But what makes a great Executive Assistant in today’s ever-changing business world? 

6 Easy Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most sought-after job skills, with over 70% of hiring managers acknowledging that they rate emotional intelligence over a high IQ when it comes to finding the right person for their team. 

Counter Offers And Their Potential Impact On Your Career

With another year underway, many people are ready for a new challenge and thinking about changing their organisation as they develop their career. 

What Personality Traits Should You Hire Into Your Organisation?

Recently we wrote a blog on, how to develop your talent pipeline. This post has sparked various interesting conversations with clients about personalities, hiring and what makes a good recruit. 

How To Develop Your Talent Pipeline

In a recent post on our Lucy Walker Recruitment Blog, we talked about how much recruitment has changed in the last 25 years and also the last 18 months.

Interview Skills For Hiring Managers: Are Your Skills Fit For Purpose?

Previously, we have highlighted some of the numerous common hiring mistakes that are still happening in organisations today. A 2018 survey indicated that 47% of interviewers had had no formal training on how to interview! We genuinely think it's[...]