Mental Health in the Workplace, Top Tips for Employers

In recent years, we have seen an increase in awareness around mental health and mental wellbeing within the workplace. While the topic still isn’t widely and openly discussed, it is something that employees and employers are slowly becoming more[...]

8 Top Tips to Engage and Connect Your Employees During a Pandemic

Employee engagement can often be a challenge for employers at the best of times, but even more so during a pandemic. In a time where physical contact is limited, work processes are altered and all aspects of our lives are impacted in different ways,[...]

6 Top Tips When Preparing for Your Return to the Office

Looking at bringing back your team to the office? Here’s some great and effective ideas to keep you and your team safe…

Christina Live on BBC Radio Leeds

Lucy Walker Recruitment Marketing and Communications Manager, Christina Shiels was live on BBC Radio Leeds on Saturday morning on the Andrew Edwards Show.

How to manage, support and motivate a team through change…

Making redundancies is almost without exception a horrible process for managers, leaders and business owners, those employees whose roles are being made redundant, and also the remaining team.

Lucy Walker LIVE on Sky News {Video}

Lucy Walker Recruitment Founder, Lucy Walker, was live on Sky News on Wednesday morning.

Importance of Continuing Self Development

If you’re planning to power forward in your career, there are few things more important than embracing new skills and training.

7 Top Tips for Redundant Employees

If you, a partner, friend or a colleague are facing redundancy, here are our seven tips to help you with some of the challenges you may be facing, whilst putting you in the best position possible to find new employment in the the not too distant[...]