Step by Step Guide to finding your dream role...

At Lucy Walker Recruitment we have supported thousands of candidates at varying stages of their career in finding their next dream role! Even for those who have had several roles and been through the recruitment process on more than one occasion,[...]

Interview Skills For Hiring Managers: Are Your Skills Fit For Purpose?

Previously, we have highlighted some of the numerous common hiring mistakes that are still happening in organisations today. A 2018 survey indicated that 47% of interviewers had had no formal training on how to interview! We genuinely think it's[...]

Body Language: How It Can Help Or Hinder You during Interviews

In a recent post we published about interview rejection, we shared insight about our body language and how often it communicates a message we aren’t aware of. 

What Employers In The North Are Looking For In You?

What do employers want?

7 Steps to a Flawless Interview Process

Without a clear interview process, the risk of you as an employer failing to attract the new employees you need to generate the future growth of your business, is we believe in serious jeopardy.