The Recruitment Trends that will Dominate this Year


The world of work is in tremendous flux, and 2018 is going to bring more extraordinary change to the way companies attract, recruit and keep their employees.

7 Key Strategies to Building a Successful Employer Brand

In any market, it's fair to say any competitive advantage you can give your organisation in the hunt for and retention of talent is key to your continuing success.

7 Key Steps to Creating a Happy Work Environment

As, on average, we spend in the UK in excess of 40 hours, paid and unpaid hours at work each week,  it's fundamental to ensure our work environment is a happy one. Let's face it, as an employee, if you're not happy, it's going to have a[...]

Mr Wormwood, Reputation and Recruitment

"A Rae of Light" -Blog 2

6 Key Steps to finding your Perfect Employee ....The Hunt for the Purple Squirrel


The Need for Employers to be Flexible with Your Working !

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#Findanewjobthursday… An Infographic Series

#Findanewjobthursday... An Infographic Series 

LWR announce Leeds Temp of the Year 2017 Winner and Runners Up!

Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to announce the winner and runners up in the 2017 Leeds Temp of The Year.