Recently, we recruited Imogen, a Graduate who had no previous experience within recruitment. It has been brilliant to see her fit into the team dynamic with ease and quickly build her knowledge and understanding of the full 360 recruitment cycle. She has already demonstrated many of the key skills and attributes we seek for a successful recruiter and we are excited to guide and support her through this journey. 

We were keen to gain some insight into her individual experience and share with other Graduates what a career in recruitment can involve as we are always on the lookout for Graduate talent to join the team at Lucy Walker Recruitment and run through our full training programme.

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Here are Imogen's thoughts;


When you were in your final year of  University, what Career options did you consider?

Unfortunately, I was in my final year of university when Covid-19 first hit, which hugely disrupted any plans I had. I loved my degree, and I loved learning, but having never taken any time out from it I felt I needed a break. I had planned to take a year out to partake in a ski season before considering a career path – but obviously, the world had other plans! I worked in customer service throughout the pandemic (not quite as exciting as a ski season, I know), which ultimately allowed me to further develop my skillset. I knew from this that I loved meeting new people, and building relationships with customers and colleagues, so I decided to pursue a career in something that would allow me to do so. Implementing this criterion during my job search ultimately gravitated me towards recruitment, as I always thought it seemed to be a dynamic and exciting industry (I was right!).


What exposure and knowledge did you have of recruitment before accepting a role with LWR?

As a graduate, my knowledge of recruitment was minimal. It is something rarely mentioned by universities, but I think this would have been extremely useful information as a student. The prospect of leaving university, your ‘student life’, and becoming a working professional can be quite daunting. The number of industries and roles out there can become overwhelming. After working within recruitment, it would be great to have more exposure within education institutions, as I know how much we can help to relieve the pressure during what is otherwise a hectic time.


How did you feel the day before starting your new role at LWR?

Honestly – excited! The experience I had with LWR, from initially enquiring as a candidate, then to my interview with Mark, Claire and Lucy for a role within the company was second to none. The whole process put me at ease, and made me really excited to become part of such a lovely team and embark on a new chapter of my life following on from a rather disheartening end to university.


What were your first impressions in your first days/week of recruitment?

I very quickly realised how much this job is about helping people. People have really suffered over the last 1-2 years with employment and being able to secure people new and exciting roles is extremely rewarding. It became clear to me how important it is to LWR to be able to build and maintain close relationships with candidates and clients, and it is that personal touch that really excites me in my role.


What skills/strengths do you think are helping you grasp the recruitment role?

My experience in customer service is extremely helpful, as it has enabled me to be confident in talking to new people every day. My 5+ years experience in various customer service roles has ensured I am conscientious enough to provide a positive experience to everyone who uses LWR. Another important skill crucial to recruitment is organisation. Every day presents new tasks, new people, new roles – without organising your workload it can become quite difficult, so this is definitely necessary, and something I am becoming better at every day. Finally, tenacity. With the successes, also comes some setbacks. In recruitment, you have to be determined and tenacious in every task you set yourself.


What would you say to other graduates considering a career in recruitment?

The skills I discussed above – organisation, tenacity and determination, are also what enabled me to progress through 3 years of university. Just like myself, any graduate has done an amazing job getting through those years, getting through the setbacks and the 5 deadlines our lecturers think are a good idea to set within a week. The problems you face at university, but more importantly how you overcome them, are all experiences you can bring forward into your professional career. A job in recruitment will allow you to utilise all those skills and experiences, all whilst helping others progress. If you want a role that enables you to connect with a vast array of individuals every day, and provide you with amazing gratification, then recruitment is that role.

It has been fantastic having Imogen join the team at Lucy Walker Recruitment, bringing with her a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the team and to the day to day processes. If you're a Graduate who is keen to hear more about a potential career in recruitment and how it could look for you, please get in touch.


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