Over the last few years, we have experienced many changes within the jobs market across all industry sectors. At the start of the pandemic we experienced a steep decline in advertised jobs, with many organisations placing recruitment on hold or slowing down their growth plans. This continued for some time, with the market showing great imbalance at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 with more people looking and available for job opportunities than there were jobs available.

However, in recent years the jobs market has gone from strength to strength with businesses across all sectors actively recruiting and growing their teams. This is great news for businesses, the economy and job seekers but it does mean that organisations need to do a lot more to attract the right talent to their organisation.

With many job opportunities available, job seekers are in a prime position to weigh up their options and choose the best offering to suit all their needs and preferences of an employer and a role!

So, what do organisations need to consider to ensure they attract the right talent ahead of their competitors?


Attractive Adverts and Employer Branding

With a skill short market, organisations need to put themselves in a prime position to attract high calibre candidates ahead of other opportunities they are drawn to. Ensure there is sufficient information on the role available, company culture and work environment, the salary range, benefits, perks and potential development opportunities available.

Job seekers are at an advantage with numerous roles to choose from so they can weigh up the best options and the roles and employers that can offer the most value to them. This means both employers and recruiters need to spend time demonstrating their employer brand and creating appealing job advertisements to attract job seekers.




Smooth and Efficient Recruitment and Interview Process

With a candidate shortage and difficulties recruiting across all sectors, organisations need to make sure they are moving quickly and effectively to ensure a successful recruitment and hiring process. Organisations who fail to do this are missing out on candidates receiving offers from organisations who have a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

Review your interview processes, ensure you know how many stages are involved and who will be involved at each stage. Think about timescales and start dates to work towards to give you structure, but to also manage expectations of candidates going through the process.


Company Culture and Work Environment

What kind of company culture and work environment do you offer? What kind of employees do you attract? Think about your current company culture and how you can implement changes to enhance the work environment and culture to attract and retain top talent.

What are your company values and your vision? How can employees contribute to this? What is your office environment and do you offer remote/flexible working?




Competitive Salary and Benefits

It is reported that up to a quarter of employers are increasing their salary offerings to attract talent. In a post pandemic market, with increased job competition and candidate shortages across all sectors, employers need to offer attractive salary and benefits packages to support their hiring strategy. A useful exercise to undertake would be to research the type of benefits your candidate demographics are interested in so you can put measures in place to attract the right talent to your organisation.


By considering all these points in your hiring strategy, your talent attraction methods will prove more successful. If you are keen to grow your business and move forward, it’s vital you put measures in place to attract talent who can contribute your business success. With many organisations struggling to recruit employees, now is the time to invest time in the hiring and attraction process.


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About the Author: Christina Shiels