If you are an organisation that often recruits graduates or, if you’re planning on ramping up your graduate recruitment then it’s important you take into consideration the factors needed to attract graduates to your business.


The Benefits of Hiring Graduates:

  • Graduates are focused on development and the opportunity to progress their career within an organisation

  • They can offer a different outlook and approach to other demographics

  • Graduates have a thirst for knowledge and continued learning

  • Great problem solvers and often inquisitive

  • Graduates are a whizz with new technology and innovation!



What do you need to consider to attract Graduates?

Flexible working opportunities

While recent graduates are relatively new to the work environment, the desire for flexible working is still a strong factor when selecting a potential employer. We recently conducted research into what graduates are looking for in an employer and 83.3% felt flexible working was important to them. Think about how ‘flexible’ you are able and willing to be, agile and flexible working options appeal to graduates so it is important to consider this as part of your talent attraction strategy.

Training and Development

Graduates are heavily focused on their own development and career path so by understanding what training support and opportunities there are with a potential employer are important. A graduate wants to be able to visualise what their career path may look like if they work hard and succeed with an organisation before they commit to a new role.

Hand with marker writing the word CultureTeam and Brand Culture

For graduates, it is important to know more about a company culture and team dynamic before securing a new role. Graduates are ambitious and career-driven, but they also seek a social and dynamic work culture to form relationships in the workplace. Some of the focus areas to consider when looking into how attractive your brand is to graduates are:

  • Company vision

  • Company ethos

  • Office environment and location

  • Social scene

  • Management structure

  • Reward and recognition


Employee Benefits and Workplace Amenities

Our latest research highlighted that employee benefits are predominantly based on personal interests and priorities rather than specific demographics however, it’s important to consider how attractive your benefits and workplace amenities are in order to attract graduate talent. From flexible working to training and qualification support, away days, pool tables, onsite gyms and bars. To hear more about the types of employee benefits to consider, download our full report here.



Graduates can add so much value to an organisation so its worth considering what type of environment you can promote to attract top graduate talent. Think about the training and development opportunities you can offer and what that means for career progression in the short and long term. Focus on your brand, the salaries you offer and the all-round employee benefits and employee experience…


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About the Author: Christina Shiels