What Makes an Outstanding Office Manager?

I recently read an amusing, yet touching, poem on LinkedIn penned by a CEO lamenting that their Office Manager had left for pastures new and how much they were missed.

Lucy Walker Recruitment host Women in Business Drinks Mixer

Thursday 1st June saw the launch of the first in a series of events organised by our Manchester team.

What Makes A Great Personal Assistant In Today’s Commercial World?

Updated 22nd January 2020

5 minute read

A great PA plays a critical role in the success and development of successful businesses in the modern world but what distinguishes a great PA from a good one? Our article sets out to identify the[...]

What Are the Qualities and Skills of a Great Receptionist?

The receptionist is frequently the initial "face" of your organisation whether that be in the form of a telephone call or a face to face greeting in a foyer. As a result the importance of a great receptionist to your organisation cannot be[...]

The 3 Ways to Plan Your Career in A Changing Market

When trouble or opportunity strike in our career, many of us simply allow ourselves to be carried along with the prevailing current, thereby ending up in jobs that we didn’t necessarily choose.

Recruitment Costs? The Truth About Your Recruiting Process and Profit

Recruitment costs: Yes agreed, it is a business expense after all, though consider a much broader question.

9 Reasons Why Accepting a Temp Role is a Great Idea.

Are you currently between roles or about to begin a break from University in the next few weeks? Are you unsure about your next long term move? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, maybe you should consider a Temporary Opportunity?

10 (Easy) Ways to Impress Your New Boss

There is no relationship more important to get right at work than the one you have with your boss, manager or first in command; whichever label you use in your industry.