Counter Offers And Their Potential Impact On Your Career

With another year underway, many people are ready for a new challenge and thinking about changing their organisation as they develop their career. 

How Highly Successful People Plan Their Career?

Here at Lucy Walker Recruitment, over the last 30 years we have helped literally thousands of people with their commercial careers. 

Career Advice: Why Your Comfort Zone Is Letting You Down

Are you reading this with the goal of either improving your commercial career, your team's or maybe the impact you are having in the world at large?

How Recruitment has changed over the last 30 years...

With 30 years in the industry, Lucy Walker Recruitment have seen a variety of changes. The recruitment process itself hasn’t really changed; the process of applying for a job, attending an interview, followed by an offer or rejection, still remains[...]

Life after Redundancy... Your 4 Step Plan

Redundancies invariably come "out of the blue" and as a complete shock to the system and you will undoubtedly go through a range of emotions in the initial aftermath ranging from anger to shock to worry to in some instances relief that a decision[...]

What Makes A Great Personal Assistant In Today’s Commercial World?

5 minute read

A great PA plays a critical role in the success and development of successful businesses in the modern world but what distinguishes a great PA from a good one?

Our article sets out to identify the additional points which change good to[...]

7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In Your New Role

At some point, It’s happened to most of us. We have gone through the interview process and then the magic phone call arrives! “You have got the job.”

What Are the Qualities and Skills of a Great Receptionist?

The receptionist is frequently the initial "face" of your organisation whether that be in the form of a telephone call or a face to face greeting in a foyer. As a result the importance of a great receptionist to your organisation cannot be[...]