In a recent post on our Lucy Walker Recruitment Blog, we talked about how much recruitment has changed in the last 25 years and also the last 18 months.

Logically, it reflects on business changes in general and the desire that every organisation has to develop a motivated and engaged team that deliver consistently. 

As we have mentioned many times before, it is people that grow organisations. Therefore, a focus on developing a talent pipeline will be critical to your growth over the next few years. 


What Is a Talent Pipeline? 

A talent pipeline is a list of potential new and current hires who will enable your organisation to move forward and achieve its growth objectives. 

Though few people mention this, it’s important to consider individuals who are already within your organisation, who with training and development can grow into a new role. 

If these individuals are not present, then new people with the required expertise will need to be identified and brought into your organisation. 

Though I hate to use a footballing analogy! Certain teams (except for West Ham I'm told by my increasingly bitter husband!) do it all the time, some at astronomical expense, and bring in much-needed talent.


A Mindset Shift from Reactive to Proactive Recruiting 




Last year here at LWR we were looking for different ways to help our clients in the commercial sector across Leeds and West Yorkshire develop their organisations, whilst at the same time enhancing our own offering to our clients. 

Being a commercial organisation ourselves we fully understand the importance of proactive recruiting and always being on the lookout for talent that can add to your company with their capabilities and attitude. 

Our new recruiting product, engage, helps with this specific challenge now facing many organisations. To find out more you can drop us an email here with engage update in the title. 

Proactive recruiting is a mindset shift from recruiting to fill an open position, to thinking about who your company will want/need and should hire in the future. 


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Develop Your Team and Be Prepared to Plug the Gaps 




Today’s multi-generational teams are keen on being nurtured and developed and contrary to popular belief are more than willing to stay with you if they see a career pathway that fits with their aspirations. 

Starting with an induction plan and followed by a career blueprint will lead to individual employees being able to step up and grow into crucial contributor roles or as an expert or in management and leadership positions.  


Develop A Talent Attracting Employer Brand 




The latest buzz words you will see running around LinkedIn are corporate culture, wellbeing, employer branding and remote working. 

For now, let’s stick with employer branding as this is critical to attracting talent. 

Social media, connected generations, Glassdoor and Google mean that your employer brand is laid out for all to see everywhere. Recruiting talent today is as much about selling your organisation to the candidate as it is the candidate explaining why they would be a great addition to your team. 

The question is, are you communicating a clear message about why you ‘should’ be on that great candidate’s radar as the employer to work for? 

When it comes to attracting the attention of individuals to fill your talent pipeline a strong employer brand can positively influence the recruiting process.  

According to research by Randstad, the most critical employer attributes for candidates include honesty, security and reliability. Companies that highlight some of these qualities in their employer branding are more likely to experience improved talent-recruitment processes, more recognition and higher job-acceptance rates. 

Are these ‘traits’ being communicated on your social channels? 


Work With A Recruiting Partner in a Different Way 

Talent pipeline development in today’s economy is about identifying the best individuals currently available who are looking for a new role AND those that are ‘hidden’ from view; except to the experienced recruitment professional. 

This is where working with a recruiting partner can and does help.  

For organisations recruiting key positions in the current climate, a retained service is the best course of action. A thorough process involving profiling tools and video can save endless hours of resource and time. A retained service also allows your recruiting partner to be ‘working’ away in the background identifying talent who will be an ideal fit for your organisation. 


Can We Help? 

We pride ourselves on being one of Leeds most respected commercial recruitment organisations.  With over 100,000 placements over 30 years, commercial recruitment really is our field of expertise. 

Our new product engage will, without doubt, enable us to help you to build your talent pipeline. To find out more call us on Leeds 0113 367 2880. Alternatively email us here. 


About the Author: Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker is the founder and Managing Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment.Lucy has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over 25 years in the profession