5 Classic Commerical Hiring Mistakes To Avoid Next Year

As we cycle at a rapid rate to the end of another year, its typical for all of us to review the work/career challenges we have had and as a hiring manager one of the critical areas that raise’s its head is often our hiring mistakes. 

Building High Performance Teams: A Step By Step Plan

Every company we work have one common goal: They all want to develop high-performing teams. Having a great product or service is vital; however, your growth will ultimately be related to the quality of the people you employ, which is why we felt[...]

What Makes A Great Business Development Manager?

 Continuing our  popular series of the traits and attributes of high performers in the commercial world, today we focus on the business development manager which has become a critical role for many businesses in recent years.

How Recruitment has changed over the last 25 years...

With 25 years in the industry, Lucy Walker Recruitment have seen a variety of changes. The recruitment process itself hasn’t really changed; the process of applying for a job, attending an interview, followed by an offer or rejection, still remains[...]

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Your Job Search

If you are a candidate looking for a new role there are two areas to pay attention to; one is a CV, and the other is your LinkedIn profile. 

Motivational Meetings: How to Run Motivational and Inspiring Team Meetings

Motivational meetings? We have all been there, haven’t we? That meeting that was atrociously run, with a weak agenda and no specific actions to take away. It was anything but motivational. 

How to Excel at Your Assessment Centre

Assessment centres are increasingly used in the recruiting process as organisations search out the best employees for their vacant roles. 

Why Every Organisation Needs an Induction Plan for Their New Hires

Apple, Booking.Com, Microsoft, Nike, Google and many more growing corporate organisations have an induction plan for their new employees.