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Recently we wrote a blog on, how to develop your talent pipeline. This post has sparked various interesting conversations with clients about personalities, hiring and what makes a good recruit. 

The truth and the answer is; it depends! 

Probably not the answer you were hoping for was it? The fact is human beings are complicated creatures ‘made up’ of various personality traits, all of which can and do add value to our organisation. In this post, we explain more. 


Why Recruiting Different ‘Traits’ Is a Good Idea 


personality traits 2


In our families and relationships, we experience difference all the time. I am sure we all have an Uncle Dave who is the practical joker of the clan or an Auntie Mavis who simply agrees with everyone and doesn't seem to have her own opinion. Or even a cousin Kathrine who is, well, just plain bonkers frankly and is the one we all rely on to get the party going. 

Ring a few bells? I thought so.

Every one of us, extrovert, introvert, talker, gym bunny, practical joker, drama queen, anxious Angela or just plain different, bring unique strengths to the table. 

Though on the surface certain individuals will fit better in some company cultures than others let’s explore some of the data about the different personality traits we are likely to come across in our working environment and some of the gifts they might bring. 


The Five Big Personality Traits 

One of the most recent models when it comes to identifying personality is the Five Factor Model. FFM, as it's often referred to, is based on common language descriptions, personality data and something referred to as factor analysis. Sounds complex; doesn’t it?  However, the truth is these 5 typical traits will be quite familiar to you. 

Simply put they are a combination of attitudes, behaviours and actions.

The 5 traits are; 

  • openness

  • conscientiousness

  • agreeableness

  • extraversion

  • neuroticism. 

Lets look at them individually...






These individuals in our office are the ones that tend to seek out new ideas and appreciate how doing things differently might be a good thing. They like trying new things which align with their imagination, and the curiosity they have will drive them forward too. 

In your team, these will be the people happy and willing to be involved with a new project, their energy and enthusiasm will be evident for all to see. 

If you have an innovative culture, then these people will absolutely thrive. Got a new project or workflow you want to implement this year? Then these are the individuals who will make it happen. 

Remind you of anyone on your team? 






Conscientious people are vital to the efficient running of any organisation! For them, it is essential to do a task well. They are the careful and vigilant members of the team. They take their work very seriously, and they tend to be organised and super efficient. 

These employees are the ones who are always on time and  who work hard and follow the rules. Luckily here at Lucy Walker Recruitment , we believe all of our team have this trait by the bucket load. That is why candidates and clients are always kept in the loop.  






These are the sociable members of the team. They are the chatty types with a tendency to be talkative and enjoy the company of others. All tremendous positive traits to have in any group. 

Often you will find that people who are open, will also have a high tendency to have some extrovert traits such as; cheerfulness, warmth, and fun, too. 

They certainly add energy and enthusiasm to the team. 

Interestingly, according to researchers, extroversion is associated with leadership behaviour. Since extroverts are more likely to assert themselves in groups, it makes sense that these individuals often take on leadership roles when working with other people. 

As you might imagine, high levels of extroversion can be particularly well suited to jobs that require a great deal of interaction with other people. Sales, marketing, customer service and  public relations, are all jobs in which an extrovert might to well. 

Think about it? That bubbly individual you are interviewing could become a future leader in your company that everyone wants to follow. 






Every team needs at least some people that are agreeable! These people are…..well agreeable.

Without them, well we risk anarchy! 

They have an optimistic view on life. They are the ones that seem to be able to get along with everyone on the team, and they are often the ‘glue’ that holds everyone else together. 

They are the ones that cooperate, rarely sulk in the corner and often form the backbone of many a successful team. 

Often referred to as a steady Eddy or Edna they are a cohort of employees that every organisation would do well to employ for many of the roles they have available. 


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On the surface, you might think that this isn’t the most positive trait to recruit into your team; though hang on a second! 

Let’s be honest about it, all of us have a least a spark of neuroticism as part of our make up. A degree of concern and worry can actually be a good thing.  For instance, if you are entering a new market or developing a new product a bit of healthy scepticism isn’t a bad thing as ideas do need to be challenged. 

While extreme levels of neuroticism can be unhealthy, recent research has shown how healthy neuroticism can be an asset in the workplace 

The key to healthy neuroticism is actually another one of the five traits that we mentioned earlier; conscientiousness, one of the most valued personality traits in any organisation. 

Healthy neurotics combine their anxiety and higher levels of stress with increased conscientiousness, and the result is a happier, healthier employee. In other words, healthy neurotics have found a way to make neuroticism work in the workplace. 


What Next? 

We are all quite a mixed bag, aren’t we? With each trait having its own benefit to bring to the recruiting table; a lesson for the day - never write off anyone. 

If you are looking to bring new team members into your organisation this year, Lucy Walker Recruitment can help.  

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About the Author: Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker is the founder and Managing Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment.Lucy has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over 25 years in the profession