4 Simple Strategies To Deliver A Stand Out Job Spec

Job specs....the start of any recruitment search. The importance in knowing what you need doing and the skills required to do it, is often undervalued and underused. Without establishing this, how will you know if the candidates are potentially[...]

Spoiler Alert: Your CV Isn’t Fit For Purpose

You might think that because of the rise of the Web, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, that the humble CV is dead; outdated, thrown on the scrapheap for something new and different.

Apologies, I am about to be quite blunt... you’re wrong;[...]

How to Manage Your Procrastination and Get the Job Done

The drain of procrastination on our productivity has been around for hundreds of years. The facts are it didn’t only arrive with the Smartphone and Facebook; though they don’t help either. 

Why Leeds has become THE City to Work and Live

Leeds is now the 2nd largest Metropolitan district in England, with a population of 792,525 (2019) following a meteoric rise over recent years. 

4 Simple Steps To A Better Social Media Presence For Job Seekers

Having spent many years discussing the reasons for selection of Candidates for Interview with our Clients, we feel we are in a good position to identify trends and provide constructive feedback for job seekers on this topic. 

7 Steps to a Flawless Interview Process

Without a clear interview process, the risk of you as an employer failing to attract the new employees you need to generate the future growth of your business, is we believe in serious jeopardy.

8 Top Tips For A Successful Interview To Get That Job

A job interview is a big deal.

It can be extremely nerve-racking, and when you're nervous, it's hard to be at your best. So we wanted to share this advice so you can present yourself well on the big day.

How to Nail Those 8 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

How to Nail Those 8 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions