7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In Your New Role

At some point, It’s happened to most of us. We have gone through the interview process and then the magic phone call arrives! “You have got the job.”

What Are the Qualities and Skills of a Great Receptionist?

The receptionist is frequently the initial "face" of your organisation whether that be in the form of a telephone call or a face to face greeting in a foyer. As a result the importance of a great receptionist to your organisation cannot be[...]

Why the Receptionist is Still The Most Important Employee in Your Organisation

The case may be made for the record-breaking Sales Manager, the charismatic Young CEO or the inspirational Managing Partner being the most important employee in your organisation. But, in reality, you may not need to look much further than the first[...]

How to Make the Difference on a PA's CV

In today’s ever competitive PA job market, it is increasingly important to demonstrate on your CV your key achievements and any awards you have received in respect of your role.

The 4 (Sure-Fire) Secrets to Boosting Confidence for Your Interview

Important job interviews can reduce the most confident among us to a bag of nerves, so for those people who suffer debilitating low self-confidence in interview situations, the days before an interview can be downright excruciating.

But fear not,[...]

The 3 Ways to Plan Your Career in A Changing Market

When trouble or opportunity strikes in our career, many of us simply allow ourselves to be carried along with the prevailing current, thereby working in roles that we didn’t necessarily choose or anticipate we would end up in.

Recruitment Costs? The Truth About Your Recruiting Process and Profit

Recruitment costs: Yes agreed, it is a business expense after all.

When it comes to business growth there are multiple factors that contribute to how an organisation performs and recruiting the ‘right’ people is at the top of the list.

Changes to National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage Rates

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