Are you familiar with Zig Zaglar, the American motivational speaker and authors famous quote? Well it goes

"You don't build a business, you build people and then people build the business."

This is so true. People will always be the greatest asset for any company.

From your C-level executives to the people who answer phones and solve problems for your customers, your workforce is critical to the success of your organisation. That's why it's so important for organisations to ensure that they have a strategy for attracting and retaining the right talent.

Unfortunately, in today's chaotic marketplace, many employers find themselves jumping into the recruitment process last minute. Don't ! Getting the right person can prove very expensive as our bad hire calculator demonstrates

What is a Talent Acquisition System?

When you lose a critical member of your team, every minute without a team member can translate into lost profits. This can lead hiring managers to recruit people who aren't always right for either the role or the team.

In fact, recruiters say that employers wouldn't choose 39% of their recent hires if they had the choice to start again.

A talent acquisition strategy solves this problem by making sure you have a consistent plan to attract and manage the best possible employees. Creating a talent acquisition system involves working with your specialist recruitment agency to set up a constant stream of skilled people, ready to join your team.

Get your talent acquisition solution right, and you'll see the following benefits.

1. Get the Right People for the Job

You know that you need the best people on the market to boost your business performance. Of course, in a complex and economically uncertain market like the UK, attracting talent is easier said than done.

A strong talent acquisition strategy combined with the help of a commercial recruitment agency helps you to start tracking both active and passive candidates. This means that you can get an insight into who's available for your roles now, and who might be ideal for the future.

Talent acquisition takes a long-term view of the job market, which means that you're more likely to find an employee that's ready to support your company both now, and in the future.

2. Improve Diversity

When you work with a recognised recruitment company, you get access to a range of candidates

This means that you can gather CVs from everyone from emerging graduates ready to change the industry, to CEOs looking to switch organisations or verticals.

Talent acquisition brings a broader scope to finding the right person for your roles. This can even help with improving diversity within your team. As countless studies have shown, a more diverse company can achieve better results in employee retention, engaged staff members, and creative thinking.

A diverse talent acquisition strategy helps you to bring a range of new perspectives to your team. However, it can also give you access to new skills that you may never have considered before. For instance, a lot of businesses are starting to move towards more tech-focused roles in today's digitally-evolving world.

Your recruitment partner can help you to find people with the talent to help your organisation evolve.

3. Invest in the Future

Talent acquisition is future focused.

Because your management team is currently stable doesn't mean that they'll be there forever. Some will move onto opportunities with other organisations, while others may even retire early in the coming years.

For those who don't want to have to spend extra time looking for talent, now a talent acquisition strategy will enable you to plan for the future.


4. Realise your Competitive Advantage

Without the right people in your team, your company is sure to struggle.

Fortunately, a talent acquisition system ensures that you always have the right employees ready to hire to serve your customers, complete projects and accomplish great things.

Talent acquisition helps you to look deep into the inner workings of your business and determine what you need to thrive. This improves your chances of getting the right talent match for your new role, but it also gives you an opportunity to determine what your hires need from you, so you can set yourself apart as an employer, and improve your employer brand.


 5. Improve Onboarding and Retention


Finally, talent acquisition also helps businesses to take a deeper look at their hiring strategy. As you work with your recruitment agency, you'll begin to discover areas that need work. For instance, you might notice that your employer brand isn't as powerful as it could be. Alternatively, you might need help creating stronger job descriptions.

While onboarding new hires, you can ask them to fill in feedback forms that let you know how successful your onboarding process is. As those employees start to develop within your organisation, you can continue to gather real-time feedback with stay interviews and development meetings.

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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry