How Recruitment has changed over the last 30 years...

With 30 years in the industry, Lucy Walker Recruitment have seen a variety of changes. The recruitment process itself hasn’t really changed; the process of applying for a job, attending an interview, followed by an offer or rejection, still remains[...]

We did it! The Full Story {Video }

On Friday 29th September 2017, alarms went off from 4;30 am at the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal, as a 15 strong team from Lucy Walker Recruitment awoke wondering what the day had in store for them in preparation for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge[...]

Why Now is the Time to ENGAGE!

Like it or not, we now live in a "review" society where the aloof drinks waiter, the ignorant holiday representative and the horrendously uncomfortable bed will inevitably find their perceived faults plastered over one of the many social media[...]

Winner of the Yorkshire PA of the Year 2017 announced.....

The Awards ceremony and dinner for the prestigious Yorkshire PA of the Year Awards, sponsored by Lucy Walker Recruitment, were held on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In Your New Role

At some point, It’s happened to most of us. We have gone through the interview process and then the magic phone call arrives! “You have got the job.”

Why the Receptionist is Still The Most Important Employee in Your Organisation

The case may be made for the record-breaking Sales Manager, the charismatic Young CEO or the inspirational Managing Partner being the most important employee in your organisation. But, in reality, you may not need to look much further than the first[...]

How to Make the Difference on a PA's CV

In today’s ever competitive PA job market, it is increasingly important to demonstrate on your CV your key achievements and any awards you have received in respect of your role.

Recruitment Costs? The Truth About Your Recruiting Process and Profit

Recruitment costs: Yes agreed, it is a business expense after all, though consider a much broader question.