Like it or not we now live in a "review" society  where the aloof drinks waiter, the ignorant holiday representative and the horrendously uncomfortable bed will inevitably find their perceived faults plastered over one of the many social media review sites with limited "right of reply".

Recruitment, you won't be surprised to hear, is no different.

If you've been a client and/or candidate in the recruitment process at some point and let's face it many of us have over the years, I'm sure you will have aired either publicly or privately your thoughts and objections on how things could be improved.

Let's face it, we all know best!

Sometimes, our thoughts will be based on the individuals we have dealt with, although we hope if you've done your screening of consultancies properly, the handling consultant wont be the issue and that any concerns will be more based around the processes that were in place and the subsequent  outcomes experienced.

We, like all recruiters, have heard and experienced many of these 'customer' views whilst carrying out our consultancy work on senior roles over recent years and although our testimonials show these views to be the exception rather than the norm, all feedback is important to us as we strive to be the best we can be.

Here's a selection of views on processes and outcomes.


  • the successful candidate was great at interview stage had all the right skills and seemed a good fit but they just weren't right for the business when they started. 
  • We have spent all that time recruiting and now as you've given me the wrong person I'm going to have to replace them. It will cost me a fortune in fees and downtime.
  • your fees are much higher so I'm going to with another agency unless you can match their fee as you are all doing the same thing.


  • I didn't feel valued by the client. There was no communication, no clear idea of what they were looking for from me.
  • The interview process seemed to drag on and the questions they asked me didn't seem relevant to what they wanted.
  • I couldn't get a real feel for the Company and the role.

Any of these, ring a bell with you?

We thought so.

With these views in mind, we undertook a project alongside our workplace survey to analyse this and how we as a business could improve our processes to another level and help to eliminate these concerns.

After all, it could be argued the industry is using essentially the same processes they have done for the last 40 years apart from changing  footwear for faxes  for emails for the distribution of CV's. However the world our clients work and operate in each day and their requirements have changed immeasurably in most instances, so how can the two still effectively marry up? Is the profession not leaving too much to chance when it comes to recruitment processes for senior roles?

After considerable research the solution we are introducing for our senior roles soon is ENGAGE - an evidence based online recruitment process management system, encompassing modern technological and software processes available, for the benefit of candidates and clients alike.

We believe this will eradicate the common "process" concerns and will be a game changer for us, our clients and our candidates.

Interested and want to know more about how ENGAGE can help you?

Click on the link below to see our  1 minute introductory video and find out more.



It's Time to Engage!

About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry