At some point, It’s happened to most of us. We have gone through the interview process and then the magic phone call arrives! “You have got the job.”

After that initial euphoria has died down, a slight unease creeps over you as you wonder if you are really up for this amazing opportunity.

You have wanted to move for a while, and yet now the collywobbles appear as your confidence makes a fast exit out of the door.

You worked on your confidence for the interview. Yet, this is now very different??!!


It’s common. You are about to enter a new and exciting phase of your career.

You are up for it, and your confidence will soon be back to its old self, particularly if you employ these 7 guaranteed confidence-boosting techniques.


1. Stroke your own Ego!

First of all, ask for feedback from the interview.

Your recruitment consultant, if you went through one to get your new role, will be able to help with this. In addition, make contact with your new hiring manager and find out more about any development areas or training needs that might have been highlighted.

You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the impression you made. Many of us are far too self-critical; remember you got the role for a reason!


2. Research...Prepare In Advance


You will know what your new role entails from the job description and your interviews so make sure you study up in advance.

In today’s online world, information to help is everywhere. Hop onto Google and search around on your specialist area and research it in detail!

Set up a swipe file on your computer so you can go back and review nuggets about your industry and new organisation.


3. Get onto Amazon!




If the jitters and nerves really set in and you know you have a tendency to worry then I would suggest you invest in a best seller from Amazon. There are plenty of excellent reads that will help.


4. Find out as much as you can about your New Boss!


Internal Communication


It’s a well-documented fact that many people leave an organisation because of a less than good relationship with their line manager. Therefore the opposite must be true? Start off by developing a great relationship with your new boss.

Remember they are human too and every manager has challenges. If you can make their life easier your relationship will be off to a great start.

Important:- Ask your manager what their expectations are for you in the coming months. The more detail you can get, the better. Always take notes, so you know exactly what you need to do. Lack of confidence is often compounded when people don’t know what is expected from them. Don’t let that be you.


5. Ask for Feedback from Your New Manager

Though appraisals in many organisations can be infrequent, buck the trend and ask your manager for feedback regularly. The more specific you are about the task or skill you would value feedback about will make it easier for your manager and the feedback will then be more helpful for you.

The fact that you are doing this will impress your new manager provided you act on what they say in a positive way. If you are unclear about the feedback you receive, ask for an example, so you fully understand and can respond quickly.


6. Look the Part!

This might sound corny, but who doesn’t feel good when they are spruced up and ready for their working day. It’s a confidence trick I first used myself when I started Lucy Walker Recruitment; it worked! Find out about the dress code and company culture so you fit in nicely with your colleagues, but also do what makes you feel comfortable too!


7. Join In the Team Socials


Social Events


There is no better way to connect with the team than to join in with the team social. You may or may not be into nights out with the boys or girls, however, attending functions in the first few months will help you bond. Where this may not be possible in person sometimes, be sure to join in on virtual socials and encourage interaction with your team if working remotely.

Remember your new teammates might even lack confidence around you too!


Ready to get going!?


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About the Author: Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker is the founder and Managing Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment.Lucy has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over 25 years in the profession