Is it time to use Behavioural Testing in your Talent Attraction Strategy?

With company culture becoming ever more critical within the talent acquisition and retention strategies of businesses, the need for behavioural testing is set to grow. Organisations seek to use the latest technologies to rectify their decision[...]

5 Reasons Behavioural Testing Will Get You The Right Candidate

When you’re hiring a new candidate, you’re hiring to fill specific skills gaps in your organisation. But, unfortunately, that’s not all you’re doing.

Every time you take on a new hire, you are inviting risk into your team: the risk that the[...]

How Recruitment has changed over the last 30 years...

With 30 years in the industry, Lucy Walker Recruitment have seen a variety of changes. The recruitment process itself hasn’t really changed; the process of applying for a job, attending an interview, followed by an offer or rejection, still remains[...]