The deal is done.

Contracts are signed, your leaving ‘do’ is imminent and your current desk is all packed away; onwards to the next step in your career.

I am sure you are excited about your new role, and yet I wonder if there is a touch of trepidation as you join a new organisation and all that this will entail?

Truth? You wouldn’t be normal if you didn't have a few butterflies. Wondering what the new company is like and how you will fit in, as well as moving out of your comfort zone and what is familiar to you?

If you have come through our recruiting process here at Lucy Walker Recruitment, we specialise in ensuring cultural fit for our candidates and clients alike. Therefore, you will already have a detailed understanding of your new company and what to expect.

However, we appreciate that many people who read this have yet to be placed by us and may not have had the same cultural fit conversation.

Here is a rather shocking statistic for you. A mind-blowing 89% of hiring failures are related to poor cultural fit according to this recent research reported on Forbes.

The fact is, culture can vary across industries and organisations. You might be surprised that even though the culture you are entering is different; you enjoy it.

First, as the organised star hire you are, here are a number of key strategies to work through to ensure you adapt to your new workplace environment whether you're experiencing that in an office based environment, remotely or a mixture of both!



Research Your New Organisation-In Depth

Though I am sure, you looked online pre-your interview and had a good browse around their website; now it’s time to take your research to a deeper level.

Make yourself a cuppa and pull up their website and read everything. Any organisation worth working for is proud of their online presence.

One page to view is your new employer’s ‘about us’ section. What is their mission? Do they share their values? Read closely to learn what might be different about this organisation.

They will have taken time and thought to communicate who they are and what they believe, throughout the pages you are reading. You can check out their social media presence too.

If everything is formal, lacks colour or a personal story it might mean that they are more formal in approach. If instead they are posting about their latest charity event or giving an employee a pat on the back or having a fun Friday favourite employee song, the culture is likely to be more informal and friendly.

Preparation and knowledge are half the battle. Remember flexibility is key and you might need to flex some of your expectations/habits as your career grows.



Remember the Parachute Lesson…

The mind, like a parachute, always works better when it’s open. Take this important mindset with you.

Then remember to do the following:

  • Listen.

  • Ask questions.

  • Be willing to do things differently.

  • …… and most of all be curious.

If you have moved to a new company you did it for a reason and the culture you are moving to is likely to be exactly what you need to grow and develop.

A good friend of mine was recently relaying the story of how her daughter was moving her career along (as the owner of a recruitment company it’s a common thread to conversations) and had now moved to a much larger organisation.

She related how it felt like her daughter had grown up overnight; in a positive way. She had up-levelled her dress sense and was more organised than she had ever been in her last company.


Give It Time

Every organisation on the planet has it’s up and down times. If you arrive in the middle of a frenetic business period, expect things to be different at other points during the year.



One strategy we suggest to candidates is to think of an organisation as a human being, or your quirky family!

Everyone knows that Dad gets stressed at Easter or that Auntie Sharon becomes hyper at Christmas, this alters their behaviour for a relatively short period of time.

Like human beings change so does company culture. The culture of your new company might change as time goes on. It could take a full year of employment before you understand the full cultural cycle.

The good news is that taking the time to learn about a company and its people can be an enjoyable process.

Keep open, ask questions and make an effort and over time this will help you fit into any new job for the long haul.


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About the Author: Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker is the founder and Managing Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment.Lucy has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over 25 years in the profession