Mental health is becoming a more prominently discussed issue, with awareness of it constantly growing. It can impact the physical health of an individual, as well as all aspects of life, both personal and work related.

Looking after your mental health is so important. Most individuals have, at some stage, experienced changes and challenges in their personal lives, career, business or family life, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, it’s so important for everyone to be aware of mental health and how we can ensure a healthy wellbeing.

Here are some top tips for promoting and supporting a healthy mental health balance in the workplace:


Talk to others

It can often be difficult to open-up about your mental health, so it may take time for you to feel comfortable doing so.

Talking about how you feel with others who will listen and support you can be hugely beneficial. It can be a real weight off your shoulders, just by openly talking about your problems and acknowledging how you feel.




Take a break

Many underestimate the power and benefits of taking some time out, this can be in the form of frequent breaks throughout the day or taking some annual leave.

Taking the time to re-charge and switch off from work can help your mental health, mindset and focus, which in turn will help your wellbeing and productivity in work.


Keep active

Getting regular exercise and keeping active is brilliant for your physical, mental health and wellbeing. It increases overall concentration, leads to a better quality of sleep, reduces stress and boosts your mental health overall. So, make sure you find ways to keep yourself active whether that is walking, sports or exercise!


Care for others

Looking out for others whether that’s colleagues, friends or family is not only a good and caring thing to do, but it can help you give you a sense of purpose and boost your self-esteem. If you struggle at times yourself, it’s good to care and support others and share experiences.



Keeping in touch with colleagues, family and friends is important for good mental health. Make sure you touch base and maintain relationships in and out of the workplace as this can help support and boost your overall mental health and wellbeing.


Diet and health

Having a balanced and overall good physical health can positively impact your mental health and wellbeing. Eating nutritiously, with plenty of wellness foods, fruit and vegetables can help with your concentration levels and mood. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding too much alcohol can also be really beneficial for your overall mental health and wellbeing.


Remember, ask for help if you need it. Everyone should have someone they can reach out to and ask for support, guidance, or just someone to listen. Please don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help…

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