At the moment the topic of education is extremely prevalent across social media due to the time of year with  University results, A level and GCSE results days! It’s a nerve-wracking time for those awaiting results!

Having worked in recruitment for over 7 years I have learnt that sometimes education can be vital in sourcing a new role, whereas in other roles; skill set, hands on experience and the type of person you are, irrelevant of your education is more of a focus.

I’ve seen a number of posts, articles and memes in the last few weeks highlighting the fact people have been successful in their careers without securing good, if any educational qualifications like GCSE’s or A levels. Well done to those on their success, you’re amazing for doing so well without having any qualifications under your belt… and yes, Richard Branson left school at 16 and look at him now…

I do however think some of the content I've seen, specifically on LinkedIn completely belittles the hard work, dedication and intelligence of those who do secure exceptionally high grades. I completely appreciate a number of highly successful A-listers have made it big without an A* education. I do think it’s important to keep that in mind for those who may not be as focused on an academic path and struggle with studies etc to not focus too heavily on their education if it doesn't come as naturally, there are still a number of paths and opportunities to pursue.

HOWEVER, for those who are putting in countless hours of revision, studying in the library and trying their upmost to do well in their studies to A/A*, Distinctions and Merits because that is what they choose to do, want to do and enjoy to do. Then that should still be praised and encouraged as a successful path to follow too and it's amazing to gain such fantastic grades!

Education, studying and taking exams isn’t just about gaining a qualification, it’s about gaining life skills too, the ability to apply yourself, test your memory and recall, communication and presentation styles, confidence and much more! It is also essential for some career paths.

I’m a fan of both myself, I come from a family with mixed careers and educational paths and we’ve all found our careers either via the ‘traditional’ education route, studies later on in life or by hands on work experience. I love reading stories of successful entrepreneurs and business women and men who have started with nothing and gone onto build huge business empires and highly successful brands. But I also love to read about those who have built their success on their studies, or enhanced their employability and career path by their qualifications! Both paths can be successful and both should be praised equally!

So… well done to those who have gained exceptionally high grades, it’s an amazing achievement! Well done to those who have received average grades, that’s great! And well done to those who may not have done as well as they would have liked or as well as their peers, there is often an opportunity to take a re-sit, try a different study approach or seek additional support, but do not worry…for some, the academic route just isn't the right path.

There is a path for everyone! 


About the Author: Christina Shiels