100% My Type on Paper!

Ah, the return of Love Island! It has viewers glued to their TV at 9 pm, 6 nights a week to watch the coupling up of complete strangers. The whole concept based largely on beauty on the outside and the ability to choose a partner based on[...]

What makes a Great Account Manager

What Makes a Great Account Manager?

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Why a Face to Face Meeting With Your Recruiter is Essential


Recruitment has changed significantly over the last few years with the advancement in technology; much of which has gone unnoticed, which we will explain more about later in this post.

The Ultimate 10 Step Guide to Landing your first job after University

 10 Minute read:

Just graduated and about to enter into the minefield of full time employment? It can be extremely daunting for even the most talented and experienced of individuals which is why we have produced this Graduate guide in an attempt[...]

Candidate Personas and Personality Testing: How to scale your Talent Attraction


Over the past few weeks on the Lucy Walker Recruitment, website we have shared posts related to talent sourcing and talent pipelining; both critical tasks for any growing organisation. 

Today we want to share a couple of different strategies[...]

How to Source New Talent to Power Your Organisational Growth

 In a recent post, we talked about Employee growth and gave five critical things for you to consider, we now turn our attention to how you source these candidates.

How to Reduce Commerical Downtime during your Recruitment Process..

If you’ve been taken by surprise with a sudden employee resignation, or it’s taking much longer than you expected to find a suitable candidate to fill that key vacancy, you will understand the frustrations and challenges the recruitment process[...]