Engaging job seekers is crucial to enable you to firstly attract and then retain top talent for your organisation.

Here are 10 key strategies to help you thoroughly engage job seekers:


1. Clear and Compelling Job Descriptions:

Craft job descriptions that are concise, informative, and highlight the benefits and opportunities associated with the role. Clearly outline the required qualifications, responsibilities, and expectations to attract candidates who are genuinely interested in the position.


2. Showcase your Employer Brand 

Promote your company's unique culture, values, and mission to make your organization an attractive place to work. Highlight employee testimonials, success stories, and any awards or recognition your company has received.


3. Create an Engaging Careers Website

Develop a user-friendly careers website that provides comprehensive information about your company, available positions, and the application process. Include videos, photos, and other interactive content to give job seekers a glimpse into your workplace.


4. Utilize Social Media

Leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to promote job openings, company news, and employee success stories. Engage with candidates through comments, direct messages, and sharing relevant content.


5. Personalised Communication

Tailor your communication to each job seeker by addressing them by name and customizing your messages based on their interests and qualifications. Show genuine interest in their background and skills to make them feel valued.


6. Timely and Transparent Updates

Provide regular updates to candidates throughout the hiring process to keep them engaged. Inform them about the status of their application, any potential delays, and next steps. Transparency builds trust and demonstrates respect for their time and effort. We often see candidates dropping out of the process because of a lack of communication from prospective employers.


7. Meaningful Interactions

Conduct thorough interviews that allow candidates to showcase their skills and qualifications. Ask open-ended questions and actively listen to their responses. Engage them in discussions about the role, company culture, and career growth opportunities.


8. Offer Learning Opportunities

Demonstrate your commitment to employee development by discussing training programs, mentorship initiatives, and ongoing learning opportunities during the interview process. Show job seekers how their skills can be enhanced and their careers can progress within your organization.


9. Engage Current Employees

Encourage your existing employees to share their positive experiences with potential candidates. Employee referrals can be an effective way to engage job seekers and attract individuals who align with your company culture.


10. Provide Constructive Feedback

Even if a candidate is not selected for the position, offer constructive feedback on their application or interview performance. This feedback can help them improve their skills and potentially consider other positions within your organization in the future.

Remember, engaging job seekers is an ongoing process. Continuously evaluate and enhance your recruitment strategies based on candidate feedback and industry best practices.


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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry