Is It Time To Use Science When It Comes To Recruiting Business Critical Roles?

With a global skills shortage and a pattern of key new hires not always staying in the post, is it time to consider using a scientific approach when you recruit individuals into your business-critical roles?

Meet Jennifer Brandwood.....The Receptionist of The Year 2017 !

A profile of Jennifer Brandwood:-

Attracting Talent To Your Company In A Skills Deficit Market

Attracting talent to your company isn’t easy. According to a recent HR Directors survey by PWC, 75% said their Companies were facing talent constraints, with 85% saying attracting and retaining talent is their biggest challenge in 2019. 

LWR to Launch New Market Offering.....

Lucy Walker Recruitment are to launch a new Market Offering in  Quarter 4 2017 for both existing and prospective Clients.

The Many Reasons Why Employees Leave

Employee retention is as a big a topic as recruitment these days and is the topic for today's post. Remember back in the day when your mum and dad thought that the job you had ‘passed’ the interview for, meant that you would be happy for life?[...]

Manchester ... The City with everything except a beach!


Lucy Walker Recruitment Looking into New Market Opportunities.

A press release appeared in various on-line business and recruitment sites recently.

Lucy Walker Recruitment Publish 2017 Workplace Report

Following extensive research of Clients and Candidates in Quarter 4 of 2016 and Quarter 1 in 2017, Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to announce the release of their Annual 2017 Workplace Report.