If you’re planning to power forward in your career, there are few keys more important than embracing new skills and training.

Whether you’re an ambitious graduate, an existing employee, or an established senior member of an organisation thinking of a new start, learning can bring you a multitude of benefits for both your professional and personal life.

As well as undoubtedly broadening your skillset and almost certainly increasing your job satisfaction levels, it can boost your self confidence abilities within your current role and going forward increase your chances of landing a new role. 

Alternatively by adding new and different skillsets to your armour it can also help you with a career change if this a consideration for you further down the line or even imminently.

But while the idea of ‘lifelong learning’ – where you constantly adapt to develop new skills and abilities - may be common in many workplaces today, it hasn’t always been this way.

If you want to ensure lifelong learning works for you here are some ideas.

  • Identify your Targets

Whatever you choose to learn or aim to train for, it should either help you to get more value out of your current job, or fulfill a personal ambition. For example, an admin assistant may want to be come an Office Manager; or a sales executive may aim to be a sales director.

Alternatively ,If you aren’t sure what kind of skills would benefit you the most, browse some specific website such as FutureLearn and read up on articles such as what employers are looking for. Here's one we wrote recently on this subject here.

The transferable "softer" skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence and communication are a couple of common ones which are targeted. However, make sure whatever you decide to focus on is something that interests you and ultimately will benefit you.

  • Discuss it with your Employer

Once you’ve decided on a plan, it's worthwhile letting your current employer know you plans if it's related to your work (If you're a receptionist and you're looking for backing for a firefighters programme think tiwce!)  as firstly, they may seek to provide you with financial backing and secondly they may if you present a good enough case be open to day or block release providing of course there is a perceived natural benefit to the business from your actions. 

  • Keep it as a Major Priority and turn it into a Habit

For your learning to be as fruitful as possible, you need to be organised – both with your time and the way in which you actually work. It won’t always be easy to set aside the right amount of time to your learning, so stick to a schedule as much as possible. On busy work days, for example, training can easily be pushed to the background so it's vital you allocate time in your diary for focus.

  • Going above and Beyond

As well as your course we would recommend you broaden your overall knowledge more widely as well too, for example by ensuring you keep up to date on general economic or business trends, as well as current affairs. While it may not have specific relevance to the new skills you are trying to acquire, a broader understanding can help you develop in all sorts of ways including your rapport and success with customers and clients alike as well as your overall confidence in being well educated to make better decisions.

Also why not look for a mentor at work who can further assist your development based upon their own experiences.


Can We Help ?

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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry

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