Despite the Coronavirus pandemic having severe short-term implications for the UK Job market, one thing we do know in this period of massive uncertainty is that this will be a finite period of time. If you are a job seeker how is this likely to impact you both in the short and the mid term and how can you be best prepared to  take stock and capitalise on this in the future?

The indications are that this period of enforced working from home will have significant implications for the future way of working as outlined below together with our tips as to how to get you "job ready" for the potential challenges ahead.

Delayed Start Dates

For those of you who may have been offered a role with a specified start date, be prepared for this to change as with the current uncertainty things may not go exactly as planned.

With more businesses required to work remotely where possible, you may need to wait a bit longer than usual for your start date.

If you have given notice on your current role this may mean you are temporarily out of work so you could consider a temporary role to fill the void. Our article here talks about the potential benefits of temping. However we would advise that  the availability and scope of these  roles and their relevance to your skillset is uncertain during  these unprecedented times.

Increased use of Telephone Interviews

During the outbreak and during the period that Companies are returning to normal, many will seek to use technologies to limit face-to-face contact and increase their efficiency. Take a look at our recent blog giving tips on how to master this. 

Increased use of Skype/ Video Interviews

Skype, Zoom and video interviews are playing an increasingly significant role in  the way recruitment is currently being done and we predict this will now form a significant part of the recruitment process going forward. Employers will be eager to use technology to allow them to interview candidates without having to physically meet them. This means business can proceed in a safe, controlled way with their hiring needs.

For further guidance and tips you may find this link to our blog useful here

A Chance to 'Take Stock'

Monumental events such as this lead individuals to reevaluate their life and career. Sounds deep but this is reality when the pause button has been pressed as it has now.

With your spare time you may consider reassessing where you are at in your career and we would recommend you take a look at this article which talks you through career planning and has some decent templates you can use.

You can also download our career template below.


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Working From Home

This could occur during the initial stages of your new role or a temporary role so be prepared for this and to be able to adapt to it . This article from the BBC Website is worth reading and there are also several other resources available.



learning never ends

100% true....Learning never ends!

Depending on your current working circumstances be prepared to use this time of enforced absence during isolation and lockdowns wisely.

Why not analyse job descriptions by listing each required skill and experience. Then consider whether you have that exact skill, if you have the skill but haven’t used it in a few years, or if you’re maybe lacking the skill entirely. Use that information to determine what you need to brush up on to make yourself an even better candidate when the job market picks up again. We maybe able to offer some free testing for you.

For instance, if you’re applying for social media or marketing specialist positions, the listing will likely require experience with Google Analytics  Being certified can make your resume stand out so why not do a quick course.

 There are a vast array of free learning resources and programmes on the internet , youtube and free Microsoft training and tutorials in particular currently that can help you to add more skills to your armour and ensure you maintain a positive state of mind throughout the pandemic (Which is very important).

Don't Forget.... It's Good to Talk!

Our experience tells us that in situations like we are experiencing, Job seekers get overlooked but we as an organisation can assure you we are here every step of the way, whether than be a quick email call, a career discussion or simply a shoulder to cry on in the worst cases.

So please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can We Help?

Can we help? We have placed and filled over 100,000 temp and permanent assignments over the last 27 years so have a range of techniques, ideas and platforms which could help you. Why not call us on 0113 367 2880 have a conversation with one of our team. Alternatively drop us an email here or check out our Testimonials and Case Studies.

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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry