One of the more positive characteristics of Gen Z employees is they're already highly self-motivated. After watching their parents struggle through recessions, this group is driven to establish themselves in a business and achieve financial stability.

However, Gen Z are also highly driven by their values. They're more than willing to jump from job to job if it means finding a workplace suited to their goals. Already, studies show around 56% of Gen Z employees are planning to switch jobs in the next year.

To motivate and retain your Gen Z staff, you'll need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Provide regular feedback

While Gen Z employees like the freedom to explore their own strategies and work styles, this doesn't mean they don't want regular feedback. These employees are highly motivated by positive acknowledgement and recognition. Like their millennial counterparts, Gen Z employees need to know when they're doing a job well and want real-time performance updates.

Rather than waiting for an annual performance review to explore the strengths and weaknesses of your Gen Z employees, focus on developing a more fast-paced feedback scenario. Simple messages to your staff members letting them know they're doing a good job can help them stay focused and engaged in their role.

Clear expectations are also extremely important when working with Gen Z employees. These competitive professionals want to deliver their best work, but they can only do so when they clearly understand what's expected.


Step 2: Promote Interpersonal Relationship

Gen Z employees might spend most of their time using online communication methods, but they still want to feel connected to the rest of their team. Around 73% of Gen Zers say they feel isolated or lonely from time to time at work.

Promoting interpersonal relationships is a great way to boost the engagement of your staff and make them feel more committed to the workplace. Companies can invest everything from bonding days with gamification elements to leverage Gen Z's competitive nature, to regular video conferencing between remote workers.

It's also important to ensure Gen Z employees have a chance to develop a relationship with their business leaders. These employees want to be able to connect regularly with managers and supervisors, as well as colleagues.


Step 3: Provide Growth Opportunities

As Gen Z employees are interested in future-proof jobs, managers in the industry need to ensure their team members can see a future with the business. In a climate where the skills required to succeed in any workplace are constantly evolving, Gen Z professionals need to be able to expand their knowledge and talents continually.

37% of Gen Z team members say professional growth and learning opportunities are their number one priority when looking for a new job. This may be why many technology companies with strong reputations for innovation and development have captured the attention of so many new candidates. With this in mind, it's important to have a clear development strategy.

Business leaders can experiment with everything from online learning opportunities for their team members to mentorship and shadowing for staff looking for promotions. Showing a clear path for progression in your business will be crucial to maintaining employee engagement.


Step 4: Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Gen Z employees feel most comfortable in a diverse workplace, capable of accepting and supporting all kinds of team members. Around 63% of Gen Z employees say it's important to be able to share ideas and learn from people with unique backgrounds.

To keep teams motivated, managers will need to ensure their Gen Z employees have plenty of opportunities to work with people who have different skills and lives to their own. A strong DEI strategy will make it easier for companies to build a diverse selection of staff members.

Inclusivity is particularly important for Gen Z teams. This means business leaders must implement campaigns ensuring their staff members feel valued, no matter their background. Ensuring every staff member feels listened to and respected is critical for ongoing motivation. You can help your Gen Z employees thrive by inviting them to more strategy meetings, listening to their business ideas, and gathering regular feedback.


Step 5: Offer the Right Benefits

Keeping your Gen Z employees motivated ensures you're offering the right perks and benefits for working with you. Though Gen Z staff members still want to be paid the right salary for their skills, they're also highly motivated by security and benefits.

Around 70% of Gen Z professionals think health insurance is a must-have benefit for a business, while others are looking for access to paid education and mentorship. Companies must offer traditional and modern benefits to keep Gen Z on track.

Compensation perks, wellness benefits, student loan assistance, and attractive maternity and paternity policies will likely appeal to this security-focused generation. However, it's worth talking to your team members and tailoring benefits packages to different needs where possible.


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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

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