Why Temps

You may have seen our recent post on the benefit of temping for employees, so we now look at it from the other side of the fence, the employer and why you should consider it..



This is the key reason why many employers choose to hire temporary staff, in that it offers an unrivalled level of flexibility for the business.

While many organisations have plans in place to help manage the natural day-to-day fluctuations in any workforce, there will undoubtedly be staffing needs that are unexpected and urgent. For example, an urgent project completion date, a significant new short-term contract or a short-term spike in business activity which requires manpower over and above normal planned day to day business levels.

Having the ability to tap into a pool of skilled labour at short notice to meet your business objectives can be vital for organisations of varying sizes. Long-term illness, maternity leave or sudden departure maybe other more common reasons which enable a business to continue to operate effectively in the short term whilst they consider a longer-term plan. At the same time short-term cover is also available in this regard.


 Access to a Pool of Expertise


It may give an organisation the ability to tap into another pool of expertise on a trial basis whilst they consider both the scoping and necessity for a full-time resource to be employed within the business.

For example, an organisation considering a marketing department may wish to hire an experienced marketing temp to understand what that could bring to the business before strategically deciding whether this was something they wanted to introduce long term to the business.


See an Instant Impact

As temporary workers are used to joining organisations for a short period of time, they can and are used to being under pressure to make an immediate impact on your organisation.


Work within Your Budget Constraints




An organisation with headcount restrictions or payroll restrictions imposed on it may consider a short-term temporary worker as a workaround solution to their business needs, rather than seeking line approval for permanent headcount increases.


Reduce your Risk of Hiring Mistakes


How to Avoid a Bad Hire


Hiring a permanent employee comes with risks. Most companies have experienced the repercussions and costs of a bad hire and know that if you hire a temporary employee, this removes the risk as you have flexibility of finishing a contract early or extending as needed dependent on how things develop.


Reduce Stress for Existing Staff

Managing the dynamic between temp and perm employees can be tricky, but having more help on the team always boosts spirits. Temps will also help to ensure burnout, mandatory overtime and a loss of work-life balance don’t happen, all of which your full time staff  will be grateful for.


A Cost Effective Solution


cost effective


By not recruiting permanently, your organisation will be saving the costs involved in advertising, recruiting, hiring, training and providing full time benefits to a permanent employee who may or may not work out.

With a temporary worker you can expect them, within reason, to hit the ground running.


A Shorter Hiring Process

With a temporary assignment, you will be able to ring a recruitment consultancy and negotiate an immediate start, subject to availability. A decision to recruit on a permanent basis could mean it was several weeks until a new recruit was in situ within the business.

You'll also benefit with that in most instances the temp will be able to hit the ground running. Recruiting a temp will also free up your time.


Access to an Extended Pool of Workers

With the 'gig' economy, there is now a growing army of professional temporary workers who will contract for organisations for a specified time frame  before moving to another organisation to undertake another assignment or project. As a result, these workers are highly skilled, adaptable and knowledgeable and may offer you more of the expertise you are seeking with your opportunity. 


Use the 'Try before you buy' Concept

If you take on a temporary employee and they prove to be a capable asset to your company, you can opt to make that person a permanent employee at any stage, subject of course to whether the temporary employee wants to. This works to your advantage as you can use the temporary option to have a person show that they are capable of performing the role before you commit to making that person a permanent employee of your company and so reduces the risk of the permanent 'bad hire'.


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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry