This article aims to help you reflect on this enforced period of absence from the workplace. If you have been furloughed, to help you remain as positive and productive as possible, while getting yourself ready for the next chapter, there are a few questions you need to be asking and answering.

We've come up with a list of 10 and have split them into 3 distinctive categories.....



1. Do I still feel the same way about my role, my employer and the industry as I did pre Covid 19?

Having potentially had several weeks to reflect on the pandemic and developments are you of the same mindset as when you stopped working. Do you feel aggrieved that your employer put you on furlough, although we would add that of course in the majority of instances this is as a result of economic necessity and has this created a bitterness or resentment that may not go away from your perspective.

Of course you can tackle this in 2 ways by either biting the bullet or deciding a move is your preferred course of action when your furlough ends.

Your thoughts and passion on the industry will also be important considerations.


2. How do I feel about my old work environment and the ways of working. Will this change and will it suit me?

Are you happy to return to your work environment as was, all be it modified for social distancing and do you believe you will be offered further flexibility in your work pattern going forward and would you want this?

If you believe the buzz of the workplace you enjoy will be lost in your employer's future plans with working from home you may wish to consider an environment you believe will remain office based in their working arrangements


3. Have I discovered new talents, abilities or hobbies which may determine a change of career?

If the answer is yes and you believe you can either realistically  develop a full-time Income, by either going it alone or with another employer in that area, or maybe as a supporting side hustle initially which may enable you in the fullness of time to develop a career then this may enable you to consider an alternative approach to your current circumstances.


4. Am I on course to achieve my Career development plans as a result of Covid-19?

Hopefully you will have completed a Career Development plan previously but if not check out this recent article here on the subject.

This involves planning and evaluation and a personal assessment from the facts at your disposal as to how you believe your plan will be impacted and if so what steps you want to put in place as a remedy. You may feel it has just delayed an outcome, in which case it would appear more appropriate to sit tight rather than make a career move.




 5 -What is the Post Covid-19 recovery plan for the business ?

Are you aware of the strategies and plans in place for the recovery of the business once lockdown ends, restrictions lift and the economy starts to tentatively recovery?

Is your employer making decisions to adopt a different strategy, streamline parts of the business or go into ancillary areas this is something you will need to explore in further detail and consider in your own planning.


6. What is my role likely to be in this?

The ramifications of the above question will need you to consider how this may look for you. If for example your employer is stripping out a layer of branch management, which was your next earmarked role will that benefit you now with a promotion of duties or will it give you an adverse impact by giving you nothing to aim for as a next step in the organisation.


7. Do I feel I am at risk of redundancy?

With the information you are now gradually arming yourself with if you feel you're role is at serious risk you may want to have a look at recent articles we wrote on new skills and upskilling and factor this into your own strategy.


8. Do I still want to be part of this journey?

Has the time off from your current role and current employer made you feel and reflect that it's time for a change of environment going forward so you can explore new challenges.




9- What are the industry and economic views on recovery of the sector?

As we know different sectors are likely to be impacted to different degrees and recover from the pandemic and differing speeds, which may impact upon the prospects within that sector for you in both the short and mid-term.Do you believe as a result of what you know, have been told and have read that you want to stay within this sector.


10- How is this likely to impact my role and how I go about my role in the future?

If there are expected changes to your industry which are likely to be rapidly incorporated into daily working life and practises as a result of the pandemic, how you perceive them will be important.  If, they are welcome changes you may be inclined to stay within the industry however if not you may be more inclined to embrace a change.


Can We Help ?

Hopefully, we can with our market knowledge even if its simply pointing you in a different direction after we have had a career catch up with you.

Our consultants can talk through your current situation and aspirations, the economic situation as it impacts you, as well as provide unlimited access to tips, ideas and guidance to support your search.

We have placed and filled over 100,000 temp and permanent assignments over the last 30 years so have a range of techniques, ideas and platforms which could help you.

Why not call us on 0113 367 2880 to have a conversation with one of our team. Alternatively drop us an email here or check out our Testimonials and Case Studies.


About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry

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