When it comes to Interviews, preparation is key.

If you feel prepared for your first interview, you will undoubtedly feel more confident going into it and be far more likely to perform and create a good first impression with your prospective employer.

So what can you do online to help you be prepared?


1. Discover who the Key Personnel are

Dependent on the size of the organisation, we would recommend you research the 'Meet the Team' pages on the company website. It would be beneficial to look at the structure of the organisation, the profiles of the person(s) you are being interviewed by and profiles of other employees who you are likely to be working with. 

By seeing a picture of the person you are meeting and discovering things about them it can psychologically feel less of a step into the unknown for you.


2. Read up on Recent Company News

Most companies have a News section on their website, which you can check out for stories of interest. You can also 'google' the Company name to discover more stories.

Whether you learn about a company expansion, new contracts, new offices, or even a recent site closure or charity walk - these will all impact the business, so understanding this will make you aware of challenges and opportunities the business is facing.

Having the ability to relay such information and knowledge during an interview makes you well placed to impress the employer by asking insightful questions - for instance, has your role been created due to the recent large international contract with a French Supplier?


3. Discover the Company Culture 

company culture

Most organisations will have dedicated pages on their website to relay their Company Culture, whether this be through a Mission Statement, a Company ethos or a Vision or Values page.

Immersing yourself in this will give you a good indication of whether you believe you as an individual are a good fit for this company’s culture. For example, gaining an understanding of whether you thrive in a traditional corporate culture, or whether a more relaxed and informal atmosphere suit you best. 

There are multiple ways a company may screen for cultural fit, but they may ask specific questions like ‘which of our values do you identify with most?’. If you haven't done research on the Company Culture, you will be at a major disadvantage for such questions.


4. Discover What they Do 

Before you go for the interview you should research what the Company does. Whether that may be the products it sells or services it provides, doing this will provide you with a clear understanding of how your role within the organisation would feed into this process.

Additionally, why not look at some of the partner organisations or clients who they work with.


5. Discover What their Clients say about them

Although it is extremely unlikely that a Company would post negative testimonials on their website, it worthwhile checking out testimonials and case studies to see how they work and the ways in which they are valued by their clients.

Giving yourself a detailed knowledge of the company’s services and key customers will help you hit the ground running if you get the job. You will seem a lot more credible during the interview if you can confidently talk about what the company actually does.

Google reviews is another site which can provide you with a flavour of independent comments from employees, suppliers and customers of the organisation.


6. Discover What their Employees say about them

You can look on the Company website for any career case studies or on independent sites like Glassdoor. These may reveal, like google reviews, opinions and information that a Company website may not reveal about the organisation.


7. Check out Social Media


Social Media Profile-1

It's a valuable exercise to check the company's social presence, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Consider what these tell you, and whether they provide a good sense of what the company is about.

Following the company on it's social media platforms will keep you updated during the interview process. 


8. Research LinkedIn


viewing Linkedin

LinkedIn company profiles are a great way to find, at a glance, more information on a company you're interested in. You'll be able to discover if you have connections at the company who you could possibly contact for a further more detailed insight. 

Reviewing your interviewer's LinkedIn profile will provide an insight into them, their job, and their background. Consider any potential links that you can find, in terms of mutual connections, schools, groups etc. 

Armed with all of this information, you should be well equipped to answer questions in your interview, come up with questions to ask and use the information, along with the interview experience, to assess whether this organisation is potentially one you would like to work for.


Can We Help?

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About the Author: Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden is a Director at Lucy Walker Recruitment and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and workings of the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Commercial markets developed over the last 20 years in the Industry